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Younity Project

Younity Project - July-end Sept 2021

Younity Project, funded by the The National Lottery Community Fund for the next three years, endeavours to join up as much of Partick as possible, so that the opportunities that our local organisations may have, can be accessed by individuals who will benefit from them. The aim is to share local resources, knowledge, space, time, expertise, training, and volunteering opportunities, and to benefit as many as possible with win/win activities.

Examples of activities this term are:

1. Community Event

Wee Partick Picnic- Mansfield Park

" Thanks for bringing the community together- You lassies have fair warmed my heart"

"I was sitting at home feeling really depressed and my friend chapped and said ‘Come on… there’s a wee festival happening with live music!’ Thanks so much everyone, you have fair lifted me up, I was ready to jump out the window. What you have done here is really brilliant! Can’t thank you enough’ Wee Partick Picnic



2.Younity Project was secured as a referral agent for Community Calling, where we were able to give out 10 recycled mobile phones to local folk that needed them.

“I haven't been able to phone or text anyone for a year- This is brilliant!"

3. Another Community event- This time in Thornwood.-Wee Thornwood Mini Fest - Thornwoodstock!

‘I have been living here for 50 years and have never seen anything like this here in the park. I wouldn’t miss this for the world! You have fair cheered me and my neighbours up 😊 Please have more of these, we need them through these times! I’ll pop in and get a programme’

‘There should be more fun like this in our community, love it!’


Both community events included the, now infamous, "Great skipping Challenge", started off by our Outdoor Gym Movement. To date,100 skipping ropes have been given out for the challenge of skipping it right through the song “Push It”, by Salt and Peppa. As it turns out skipping has many health benefits! It Improves heart health and co-ordination, increases concentration and stamina, and is really good fun! 😊

We are making plans for late Winter '21 and Spring 2022, so do please get in contact if you would like to be involved. Thank you, Jane, Angie and Michele aka team JAM. Phone 0141 212 3987 or email