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Younity Project

Younity Project - Jan - Mar 2022

Younity Project, funded by the The National Lottery Community Fund until October 2023, endeavours to join up as much of Partick as possible so that the opportunities local organisations may have, can be accessed by individuals who will benefit from them. The aim is to share local resources, knowledge, space, time, expertise, training, and volunteering opportunities, and to benefit as many as possible with win/win activities.

Examples of activities are:

  • Supporting Participatory Budgeting ideas and applications i.e. New Beginnings- puppetry storytelling, Rain Water Collection -at the plot, Sofia’s Magic Day, Karen Pasi- Dance Affirmations, Clan - Community Skateboard Day, Behind the Scenes- Spring Equinox Celebrations, Men’s Group, Pips- Natural Dyes and a Community Generator idea.
  • Younity volunteers shopped, packed, and delivered 50 February Food bags locally to low-income families. Working in partnership with and funded by Partick Housing Association.
  • A new class, Dreams and Aspirations, started in March with 12 people attending regularly.
  • Younity shared out to a local beneficiary, the 20th Computer from NWVS Network IT recycling project.
  • Community Calling project has now come to an end with Younity sharing out locally, 45 iPhones with one years top up, saving people £9000.
  • A generous donation by Partick South Church was used to share out to local low-income individuals and families.
  • Partnering with Glasgow Life- volunteers supported the installation of Partick Library flower planters.
  • "Behind the Scenes" volunteer group, with Younity supporting, hosted a Spring Equinox Celebration Event in March. 270 people were in attendance and the weather was wonderful. We had live music from local musicians, God’s Eye crafts, face painting, sunflower seed planting, kite flying, skipping challenge, Jerusalem flash dance. “I brought my daughter; she really enjoyed the God’s eyes and we now do them together at night because they are so calming.”
  • At this spring event we hung the " Light ADay" Lockdown Photographic Exhibition. This was organised and coordinated by a Younity volunteer .The exhibition can now be seen in the Annexe café and later at Partick Library.
  • To Date 41 volunteers are supporting the Younity project, and Annexe, in a variety of roles including; Annexe Café, cleaning, gardening, local events, and activities.
  • A volunteer thank you meal was enjoyed by over 20 volunteers This has been great, made a new friend, we just started chatting and clicked right away.”
  • Younity volunteers were offered a Digital Skills Volunteer Development course through Glasgow Life, four of whom took part
  • Younity, working in partnership with Partick Community Growing project, have secured funding from Glasgow Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund for local activities in and around the plot and for the next two Younity Project summer community events in Mansfield and Thornwood Parks . These will take place in July and August respectively.......keep your ears open!

We are making plans for summer 2022. please contact us if you would like to get involved, thank you.

Contact Jane, Angie or Michele, AKA, team JAM.

Phone: 0141-212-3987