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Lunch for Less lunch clubs

Lunch for Less is a service provided by the Annexe Café, offering subsidised lunches for vulnerable and elderly residents.

Lunch clubs were launched to provide healthy three course meals for the elderly. Surplus supermarket food supplied by FareShare enables the cook to create healthy meals and keep costs low. A win-win outcome as quality food is diverted from landfill to create affordable healthy meals for residents.

Food supplies are high quality and in-date and come from warehouses - mainly because of over supply or fluctuations of seasonal demand.

A major benefit of lunch clubs is that they also serve as a social gathering and enable folk to meet new friends and have a chat over lunch. Around 28 people attend each day and clubs run three times a week, Tuesday to Thursday.

A three-course lunch consists of home-made soup, main course, dessert and tea or coffee, often yogurts and fruit are also available – all for £4 per day (£5 non-members). Some folk find three courses too much to eat at lunchtime and bring a container to take-away the main meal to eat in the evening – enjoying the soup and dessert for lunch. Great value!

Celebratory meals are served throughout the year – Burns Supper, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Festive meals, any excuse for a celebrating a special day.

Currently one lunch club sittings are available each day 12 - 2pm