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Onwards and Upwards


Onwards and Upwards is a three-year project funded by The Robertson Trust encouraging and using volunteering as a gateway to improve employability, supporting community capacity building. 
The Onward and Upward project will enable participants in Glasgow West to be more integrated in community life, feel valued as community citizens, and improve their chances of employment. We aim to work towards combating barriers to employment e.g. literacy, numeracy, IT, social isolation, and lack of self-confidence, and to develop volunteers’ skills and competencies to take greater control of their own lives and contribute to inclusive local development.

The Onwards & upwards project will work collaboratively with individuals and mentor them through their volunteering journey establishing needs and requirements, goals, and aspirations, to grow their individual volunteer pathway. We will actively encourage and support volunteers to seek long term solutions.
Volunteers will be mentored by the VCW and have access to training and PVG certification and suitable accredited skills and training courses expanding their educational pathway and supporting people to progress and grow
Upwards & Onwards.