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Time Capsule Burial

Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Now we will remember, not only for Guy Fawkes but also the day the Annexe Connects time capsule was buried, to be opened again on the first Monday in November 2112.





The idea for the time capsule came about because Partick joined the City of Glasgow 100 years ago and is celebrating its centenary this year - 2012. The Annexe wanted to celebrate this in some way or other. We looked back at 1912 to see what we could find out about Partick 100 years ago. We came across loads of photos but we didn’t really know much about who was in the photos, what they were thinking and how life was for them. So we decided to fill a Time Capsule with information about us - here in 2012 and send it off into the future to the year 2112, so when they opened the capsule they would know loads about us back here in 2012.The project grew arms and legs and loads of Partick information about the people and the place, was jammed into the Time Capsule. The last thing going in was a laminated photo of everyone that was there at the Capsule burial. How and where were we going to bury this? Ideas where flying and pulled together to hopefully provide an entertaining and a fitting farewell burial to the Time Capsule. The day arrived to much anticipation; big pink helium balloons representing 100 years were bought and the capsule was sealed and started its descent to the depths of the Annexe. Greg carried the Time Capsule down, very ceremonially, on the chair lift with Tony walking in front of him, dressed as a blues brother body guard for the precious cargo sealed with in the capsule. Disco lights were flashing, Wagner’s” Ride of the Valkeries” was blaring from the speakers and everyone watched on with various different facial expressions, mostly of dumbfoundedness and amusement and loads of laughter. Chair of the Annexe, Kenny Burns said afterwards that “it was the funniest thing that has happened in Partick in the last 100 years.”

Once Greg and the time capsule had reached the end of the chair lift ride-(of the valkeries) they walked slowly across the Annexe reception, again under the protective eye of bodyguard Tony, to the music by Richard Strauss of the opening theme of the film 2001-a space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick Richard. They reached the manhole at the back door of the Annexe and very carefully, Greg started his dig with “Mission Impossible” theme tune. He burrowed till he reached the final resting place of the Time Capsule then turned around and was encouraged back with the music to “The Great Escape”. Greg reappeared up the manhole, his face blackened by his exertions underground, to a rapturous applause from the waiting crowds. Another round of applause for Greg then the crowds moved over to the covered Time Capsule Plaque to the music of the William Tell Overture. Manager Julie and Chair Kenny said a few words then asked MSP Sandra White if she would kindly say a few words and unveil the plaque. The Plaque was unveiled with a very elegant tug from Sandra then photos were taken of the delegate party and three others representing the Connects Project, Flo Duncan, James Anderson and Betty Watters. All then moved back into the McCartney hall for tea and cake. At the end of the burial ceremony the helium balloons were taken out the back and let off to float away into the blue sky! Big thank you to all involved, your efforts were much appreciated and we hope 100 years later they have as much fun opening our time capsule as we did thinking about what to fill it up with! J

Email from participant :-

“Just a wee email to say today was so surreal, hilarious and plain bloody brilliant. So glad I stumbled upon it! Thanks, Jane, made my day!”