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Ahoy me hearties !

Secure to the main braceAhoy, me Hearties.! 40 Connects Project particpiants (60+ and adult carers) took to the high seas on Monday 20th August dressed as pirates for a day out to Largs on the Waverley. All wearing an assortment of pirate hats, bandanas, stripy tea-shirts, eye patches, swashbuckles and blow up parrots or a duck...-don’t ask?- on their shoulders. Aaaarrrrhhhh


First things first, Shiver me timbers, the Connects pirates seized the Waverley and hoisted up the jolly roger flag on the main brace, sat down, got out the rum and sang

“Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.”

Much to the bemusement of other non pirate passengers on the poop deck-that’s the back of the boat in laymen’s terms- bye the way. Aaaarrrhhh! The weather was mighty fine and the sailing was great, with the wind in our hair and the calming effect of the rocking of the boat all contributing to a memorable trip “doon the watter”.

After plundered the boat to fund the pieces of eight for our fish ‘n’chips on the beach we then abandoned ship onto dry land to see what treasures Largs had in store for us. We entertained the locals with tales of the high seas, had lunch and a stroll, meeting back up together at Nardini’s for 3pm. Not being from these shores all were pleased at the vast array of different flavour of ice cream available for us in Nardini’s- thanks again for the cut price cost of the cones.

After a lovely day of plundering and pillaging, blow me down, everyone rolled home at their own heart’s content with Largs at the back of them and home to the front. Thanks again to the Lottery. Aaaarrrhhh!