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Our vision

Annexe Communities exists to help create healthier people and communities within Glasgow.



To work continuously to engage with local people and to maintain our position as a leading provider of cost-effective, wellbeing initiatives resulting in fitter, more resilient and more active communities.


Annexe Communities is a community-led organisation, working with communities and individuals to address issues effecting their health, social, cultural and economic needs. Our members, staff and volunteers are committed to the following values and principles:

  1. Participation and empowerment – enabling people to have a greater say in the decisions and activities/services that affect their lives
  2. Celebrating and promoting diversity – underpinned by equality of opportunitiy and actively addressing inequalities
  3. Promoting respect, integrity and confidentiality in all aspects of working
  4. Striving for the best quality and value for money in delivery of services and activities
  5. Embracing change and adapting to meet the needs of communities
  6. Committed to caring about people and communities
  7. Adopting a professional approach
  8. Being positive an innovative

Annexe Communties recognises the importance of working with partners, with similar values to address issues affecting communities.



Annexe Communities recognises the impact of inequality and poverty on the health of the community and our priority is to redress this imbalance through collective action.

Our short term objectives are to support:

  • People with poor mental or physical health to raise their aspirations, make informed choices, and improve their life chances;
  • Older people and those facing social isolation to enable them to reconnect with their local communities, participate in positive activities, and improve their life chances;
  • Families, in particular carers, to counter disadvantage and influence decisions that affect them, their relations and neighbourhoods;
  • Local organisations to build their capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities.


Business plan

In order to meet the objectives above, Annexe Communities needs to keep in shape itself. It has identified five operational objectives as being key to its fitness:

  1. Establish a broader mix of income sources - where possible reducing reliance on public sector funding in favour of self-generated revenue;
  2. Cement our position as a leading provider of frontline community health services in partnership with other agencies, and champion the health needs of residents of Glasgow;
  3. Lead the field in service innovation;
  4. Maintain maximum business flexibility - learning and changing rapidly in response to the needs of communities and the volatile third sector operating environment;
  5. Build, support and maintain a core group of staff with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to achieve our wider objectives; and retain a competent and effective board of directors.