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Relaxation sessions

Our trained therapists deliver complementary therapies for individuals. Each session lasts one hour.

  • Indian Head Massage: this is a massage of the head, neck, shoulders and back which can be either invigorating or relaxing, depending on individual need
  • Back Massage: commonly known as Swedish massage, relieves muscle tension and pain and increases flexibility and mobility
  • Reiki: this treatment is non-invasive, the therapist simply places their hands gently on different areas of the body, particularly the head and the torso, for about three to five minutes, energy is transferred from the hands of the practitioner, with the goal of restoring the body's energy to a state of balance
  • Shiatsu: the word shiatsu means "finger pressure", and shiatsu is sometimes described as a finger pressure massage. The treatment can improve circulation, relieve stiff muscles and alleviates stress

Taster sessions (30 min) for all of the above can also be delivered for open day events.

Stress management and healthy lifestyle courses for groups:

  • Ten week Positive Living Course: self-help and lifestyle coaching (part of the Annexe Connects service)
  • Relaxation sessions: one-off workshops
  • Health Issues in the Community course



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