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THANKS to generous public funding during the last decade, Annexe Communities has been able to deliver some amazing projects for local people.

These cover a wide range of health, wellbeing, education, training and community-related activities which have produced excellent, highly cost-effective results.

This Portfolio highlights selected case studies of our work, past and present, and illustrates the impact each has had on the lives of those who live in the communities we serve in west central Glasgow. The studies can be downloaded for offline reference. Contact us if you need more information on any subject.

Annexe Enterprise

Annexe Communities have delivered cost-effective healthy lifestyle activities and workshops to public and voluntary sector staff and members.

We provided courses and tutorials covering stress management, complementary therapies, smoothie-making, guided walks and arts classes.

Our clients ranged from Celtic and Rangers football clubs to Glasgow Homeless Network

Annexe Alternative Saturday Nights

Alternative Saturday Nights were for people who wanted to have a great night out without alcohol. In 2011, nearly 500 people attended one of our special evenings.

These welcoming, friendly and hugely successful events offer free live entertainment and food in a relaxed environment - with no alcohol. They are a great way to get out and meet new people.


Reconnecting the Elderly: launched 2011

Connects2 Variety Club
Sing along at Luss
Sam from Syria's visit
Pluckers entertaining in the park
Produce from Connects Allotment
Making friends and getting fit
Art Class 2015
Enjoying an ice-cream
Making new friends
Dancing the night away
A wee day out
A trip on The Waverley

ONE of the first community projects to receive BIG Lottery funding in its 21st Century Initiative awards in 2011, Annexe Connects was highlighted for publicity by the agency as an example of a carefully considered and structured funding application.

The three-year project was designed around the expressed needs of local people in west central Glasgow and is aimed at helping two particularly vulnerable groups – the elderly aged over 60, and carers, many of whom experience isolation, difficulty coping with their responsibilities and, in some cases, consequential mental health issues.

Annexe Connects, we estimate, will directly benefit nearly 550 people. Read more . . .

Healthy Living Initiatives: launched 2008

Nutrition courses: an Annexe successHealth and wellbeing are at the heart of Annexe Communities’ philosophy for creating better local lifestyles.

Since 2001 our organisation has worked with the local community in Glasgow’s Partick to deliver wellbeing initiatives from our Healthy Living Centre base. These activities form the core services of our business. Read more . . .

The Back Garden: 2010-2011

The Back Garden, Anderston
Beds of Fruit and Veg
Community Gardeners
First fruits
More Community Gardeners

IN JANUARY 2010, the backcourts of flats at Brechin Street in west central Glasgow’s Anderston district, were an eyesore – derelict, and a favourite haunt of fly-tippers. Burned-out cars rubbed shoulders with discarded mattresses.

Today this self-contained area, overlooked by 120 homes, is a thriving community garden enjoying seasonal rich harvests of fruit and vegetables. The bounty has included peas, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, cabbages, kale, courgettes, mint, parsley, curry leaf, strawberries and raspberries. But the real fruits of success here have been less tangible. Read more . . .

Health Walks: launched 2005

The Harbour Walk
Bothwell Castle Walk
Bothwell Castle Walk

ANNEXE Communities project officer, Jane Cowie,, has led the Partick walk for years. She always takes the opportunity to remark on the time of day when the group arrives at Partick Cross.

One walker, a life-long local resident, once asked Jane how she could tell the time without ever looking at her watch.

Jane simply pointed up to the large clock atop the red sandstone tenements at the junction. The walker was amazed. He had never noticed the clock before, had never looked up to see Partick from a different perspective. This small anecdote amply illustrates the why these walks have been, and remain, so successful. Read more . . .

Designs for Living: launched 2005

Designs for Living: Sewing classes
Designs for Living: Sew easy!
Designs for Living: Painting classes
Designs for Living: Stained glass classes
Designs for Living: Local history group

OVER MANY years, Annexe Communities has evolved a successful range of community arts activities.

Topics include visual arts such as painting and drawing, drama, making and recording music, ceramics, stained glass, fashion, design and costume arts – culminating in volunteers taking part in the West End festival procession.

We are now nearing the end of the three year funding period and are currently seeking resources to continue Designs for Living for a further two years. Read more . . .